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Zeki Releases 2 Android Tablets With Android 4.0.3 On Board

Today is the day when two new Android tablets make their First public appearance. Meet both Zeki 7″ TB782B and 10″ TB1082B. Both of them were made to deliver the best possible “out of the box” experience to users. The manufacturer has already installed some Android apps. They are also granting customers with open access to Play store and it’s own App Store. The best part is that both Zeki tablets are currently running on Google’s latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

You can perform some regular tasks like reading eBooks and browse pictures with ease since Zeki tablets are both packed with an excellent touch screen technology. There’s no need to worry for laggy system performance since the company included a dual-core processors that clocked at 1.2 GHz on each tablet. WiFi connectivity are also supported , which means that you can take advantage from the WiFi connection at your home or work site. It should be able to bring more productivity.

As we mentioned above, Zeki tablets have open access to some app stores. You can start to download and install some of your favorite android app. If that’s not good enough, the manufacturer has already implemented some pre-installed app like Facebook and Twitter. You can stay connected with all your social media sites. There’s no possibility of running out of data space since Zeki tablets posses 8GB internal data storage and are supported with microSD card slot that can read up to 32GB memory card.

For those of you who interested to initiate a web chatting session, you should be able to take advantage from it’s front-facing camera..Overall, its A Great Device with a Great Price Tag ..